ADME Solutions Inc.

Archie W. Thurston Jr., PhD

CEO at ADME Solutions, Inc.

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(636) 751-0182

20+ yrs of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Experience in Drug Metabolism / Pharmacokinetics predominantly in “large pharma”

Focus in Small Molecule Preclinical Research and Development in multiple therapeutic areas and different modalities involving oral and non-oral routes of delivery (oral, dermal, inhalation, SC)

  • In Vitro drug metabolism

  • Pharmacokinetics, including GLP TK reports with SEND dataset and Clinical PK

  • Bioanalysis

  • Human dose predictions

GLP and non-GLP experiences

3.5 years of additional Consulting / CRO experience focused on providing ADME advice to help move assets from Lead Optimization to IND for small molecules and biotherapeutics

Additional exposure in Phase I/II clinical PK support